I’m not going to lie, I’ve waited over 22 months for this day. Ever since I got pregnant I’ve had fantasies of cooking and baking with my child. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve making chocolate with one of my Grandmas and baking cookies with the other. So, when the day came when I thought Eliza would not only stand still long enough, but actually enjoy baking with me I went for it!

This brownie recipe from an old Everyday Food was perfect for this adventure.

To start, I got all of the ingredients ready while she was safely in her highchair having a snack. Then, she crawled up onto the step stool, I put her adorable apron on her and we got to work! You can see that she was a natural at mixing the melted chocolate and butter together.

Eliza couldn’t help sneaking a taste of the chopped almonds before they went into the batter.


Fresh from the oven! All of the ingredients are mixed in the same pan that you bake the brownies in, which is convenient, but really messy. Flour, sugar and eggs go everywhere when you are mixing, especially when the mixer is a 22 month old! Next time I would probably prepare the batter in a bowl and then pour it into the pan for baking.

The recipe says that you can eat the brownies right out of the oven, which Eliza demanded, but they crumble just a bit too much. Let them cool, put them in the fridge for a couple of hours, and then cut them into squares. The almonds and cherries throughout are beautiful and delicious. Eliza approves!