Leek, Bacon and Pea Risotto
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I love risotto but after a few disastrous attempts at making it at home I basically gave up. I’d follow a recipe line by line but instead of 20-30 minutes of stirring to cook the rice al dente it took over an hour. And frankly, as good as risotto is it wasn’t worth carpal tunnel syndrome. But, one day I was talking to someone (I can’t remember who, sorry!) about my bad luck with risotto and they suggested that perhaps the abrorio rice that I was using was old and that was why it wasn’t absorbing the liquid. Genius! So, now instead of buying a large or even medium sized bag of rice I try to only buy what I need for that recipe or at least get the smallest bag I can find and use it up quickly.

Anyway, this recipe is relatively simple and delicious and makes a lovely spring meal, especially with a glass of rose!